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Two unique villas

In the middle of the Kruitbos, two unique, almost cubist villas by Barentsz are realized. One of the features of these unique villas is the shared barn. The property boundary is formed by a characteristic wooden fence along the footpath.

Built to last, perfectly insulated, naturally gas-free and equipped with a heat pump!

The sturdy wood construction provides a warm look in a northern climate.

De Krijgsman

The former site of the gunpowder factory in Muiden is undergoing a transformation into a new residential area: De Krijgsman Muiden. The location is truly extraordinary, bordering the IJmeer lake. The woodlands and water features will be preserved as much as possible, giving character to the neighborhood. A unique setting, close to Amsterdam!

The new neighborhood and the surrounding area is perfect for taking hikes, for boating and relaxing in the parks, on IJmeerdijk and in the former canal. A park will be developed near Westbatterij, close to IJmeer lake yet also at the heart of Vestingstad. Immediately adjacent to the neighborhood, the river Vecht meanders from Muiden, via a series of charming Vecht towns, all the way down to Utrecht. The Vecht sluice gates (in the town center of Muiden) and the nearby Oranjesluizen locks will allow you to boat directly to Amsterdam’s canals.


Muiden is a monumental fortress town in Gooise Meren municipality – a peaceful place to live only a stone’s throw from Amsterdam and ’t Gooi. Nature, a rural setting and the beautiful coast of IJmeer lake, there is plenty to do. Muiden’s cozy center offers a range of shops, restaurants and sidewalk cafes. There is a small beach nearby the mouth of the river Vecht, and larger beaches such as Muiderberg and IJburg are also close by. Countless sports clubs and cultural amenities nearby. And of course, annual events such as Vlaggetjesdag, Spiering Festival and Speed Sailing days. Combined with the area’s schools, daycare facilities and grocery shops, there is only one conclusion: this is an excellent place to call home!

Location and amenities

In the new part of Muiden, you will soon be able to walk and recreate in the various parks. The original paths (over 6 km) of the factory site will largely be preserved, renovated and provide relaxation in your own residential area. At the West Battery near the IJmeer but also in the centre of the Fortified City, the Battery Park will be created.

Experience the lively atmosphere of Muiden. Here you can enjoy urban amenities, a drink in the pavilion on the little harbour or on your own terrace. Live, work and enjoy Muiden.

You can cycle along the Muidertrekvaart canal to Amsterdam in no time, but if you also cycle along the IJmeerdijk, you really are in a different world!

Boating in and around De Krijgsman Muiden

In the new part of Muiden you will soon be able to go boating, the original watercourses (3 km) eof the factory site will be preserved for the most part, providing relaxation in your own residential area.

Via the Muidertrekvaart, you can take your sloop for a nice day’s sailing. Up the Vecht, which runs from Muiden, through the various Vecht villages, to Utrecht. Or to Amsterdam, once you have left the Vecht locks (in the centre of Muiden) you will reach the Oranjesluizen in a short distance and then sail into Amsterdam.

Enjoy in and around De Krijgsman Muiden

De Krijgsman Muiden stimulates the senses, that much is certain. A new district with lots to discover and even more to experience. In and around the new district, you can walk, sail and recreate in the various parks, on the IJmeerdijk and in the old canal. The original waterways (about 3 km) and paths (about 6 km) of the factory site will be preserved for the most part, renovated and contribute to the recreational possibilities in your own residential area.

Image Quality Plan

In the image quality plan De Krijgsman, landscape architects La4sale, in collaboration with KNSF Vastgoed, have defined different areas, each with its own specific atmosphere, based on the landscape qualities. Guidelines for elaborating the plans have been included for both architecture and public space. The image quality plan is decisive in the assessment of the plan elaborations, but above all serves as a source of inspiration for the planners.


If you would like to have more information about the offer and availability at De Krijgsman, contact us on 020-3050560. You are also welcome to visit the Information Center on-site at Kruitpad 14, 1398 CP, Muiden. The information center is open from monday- friday from 1:30PM to 5PM. It is also possible to make a viewing appointment.

In addition to the offer of homes for sale, De Krijgsman also offers a unique ‘rent to buy’ program, which makes it possible to rent with a purchase option for a maximum period of 2 years. An unique way to experience this great new development. Don’t miss this unique opportunity and contact us today to learn more about our RENT TO BUY program.

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  • De Krijgsman Barentsz villa project Eefje Voogd makelaardij Muiden

  • De Krijgsman Barentsz villa project Eefje Voogd makelaardij Muiden

  • De Krijgsman Barentsz villa project Eefje Voogd makelaardij Muiden

  • De Krijgsman Barentsz villa project Eefje Voogd makelaardij Muiden

  • De Krijgsman Barentsz villa project Eefje Voogd makelaardij Muiden



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