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These two extraordinary residential buildings circled around an intimate square bring the Groenmarkt in the Jordaan back to life. With meticulous care and consideration for people, plants and animals. Residents meet on the square or relax in the dune landscape on the roof.

Two beautiful residential buildings on an authentic Jordaan borough square

A large merchant house with 4 large townhouses on Marnixstraat, and on Singelgracht, an elegant and contemporary apartment building with 35 unique apartments and 22 parking spaces in the underground garage, and ample room for Mother Nature. Beautiful terraces with floors and ceilings than will allow plants to root and grow, bee hotels and swallow boxes.

Dune landscape with views of the city

The design of the outdoor spaces is amazing, allowing everyone to seek out a private spot in the sun. On the roof, residents will have access to a spectacular dune landscape with an outdoor swimming pool and a beach house for parties, dinners or group activities such as drawing or painting workshops. A place to wiggle your toes in the warm sand as you take in the view of the city, enjoying the dune grass and roses … and the buzzing of the bees and sight of seagulls flying above.

Greenery for people, plants and animals

Groenmarkt is a tribute to urban nature, past and present. This was once a market for potatoes and beets, now it will be where the dune grass sways in the wind, wild bees buzz from one flower to the next, where the house sparrow nestles in the green side facade on its way to the square, and where plants are free to grow through the balconies. A project tailored to human needs with a comfortable, spacious identity. People, plants and animals: there is room for everyone in this ‘green oasis’. All amidst a beautiful setting of water, quay and city.


Sales are underway! Please register for one or more units via the  project site. For questions, please contact us at +31 (0)20 3050560 or



– Amsterdam, Jordaan borough
– Large merchant house with 4 townhouses
– Modern apartment building with 35 apartments
– Spectacular roof landscape with natural swimming pool and ‘beach house’ for all residents
– Sales are underway. Registration open until Wednesday, 21 November, 9.00am

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