Considering the increasing international interest for living in Amsterdam (and surroundings), we profile our existing construction objects and new construction projects also globally these days.

We are connected to an international network with a housing offer of over 2.8 million homes and apartments in over 100 different countries. Through the exchange of data, text and photo presentations, new objects are brought to the attention to over 500,000 brokers globally by means of global marketing and network services. Not just online and offline, but also by means of various social media channels. Of course the objects can also be offered within a more limited form of the network. As you desire. All objects are translated in 19 different languages. Purchase prices or asking prices can be displayed in 30 different currencies.

Our office is also Certified Expat Broker of the MVA. This is a network of a number of selected brokers from Amsterdam and direct surroundings which are specialised in guiding expats in purchase, sale and rental. All our offers are also placed on the website of the MVA.

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