An extra round of styling and a good photographers can do wonders for the sale of a house or apartment. We have an own ‘crew’ in this area. The stylists provide advice to present the house as best as possible and our photographer makes amazing and truthful photos. Your house will look excellent and we will have the most beautiful photos for our website and Funda. Recommended!

Let us introduce our stylists:

Keet Styling & Organizing

Keet Styling & Organizing was founded in 2009 by Emilie van Eck and Sabine Mutsaerts. Since then they have had the pleasure to work for many private individuals, project developers and housing corporations. With a lot of enthusiasm Keet Styling & Organizing makes something special out of every project.

What does Keet Styling & Organizing have to offer?

  • Model homes
  • Sale styling
  • Hand-drawn maps
  • Real estate video
  • Extra & Interior Suggestions/Store addresses