Are you considering selling your house? Feel free to make an appointment for a no-obligation introductory meeting.

Eefje Voogd is a renowned NVM residential brokerage, specializing in comprehensive, diligent, tailor-made service for the purchase and sale of real estate in Amsterdam and the surrounding municipalities.

 With a proposed sale, all kinds of questions arise. How high should the asking price be? And how can I achieve the maximum yield? Which strategy fits my buyers target group and my type of house? Do I have to make any changes to my house to prepare the sale? What is the best time to start the sale?

After getting to know you and your house, we really know what we are dealing with and what your wishes are. With this knowledge we can offer you a personal sales plan based on a reference analysis and our market knowledge.

Of course it is our goal to achieve the highest possible return on the sale of your house. We provide optimum guidance and attention during the sales process to achieve the set goals. This stands and falls with reaching the prospective buyer in the right way. We are good at that!

What are our work activities with the sale?

  • An objective value determination and a good conversation on the desired and most realistic sale strategy.
  • A clear plan of approach (no surprises!)
  • Advice on how to present the house (photography, maps etc.)
  • -Possibly- how and where to advertise (online/offline, international)
  • Research with municipal institutions, land register, HOA (if applicable) and study of property documents etc.
  • Registration on various websites, including Funda. Also international and in English!
  • Stylish brochure (printed matter) designs, both digital and in hard copy
  • Good agreements on arranging and scheduling viewings
  • For viewings we provide buyers with ample time to be able to see the property and we provide them with all the available information
  • If desired: organisation of open day(s) in the house
  • Specialty: creative use of social media
  • For sale signs on/at the house (no obligation)
  • Conducting negotiations or setting up a registration, of course in consultation, where we subsequently calmly discuss every offer and condition.
  • Legal handling of the purchase.


The costs of our sales guidance is offered custom to your situation, depending on the chosen plan of approach and your/our expectation regarding the sale. For more information, contact us via 020-3050560 or