Privacy statement

In this privacy statement, we indicate which personal information we process and how we use this information. Should you have any questions about this, then you can contact us via our contact details at the bottom of the page.

Your privacy is important to us. We guarantee that the personal information you provide us with, such as names, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, etc., will be handled in strictly confidentially. With this privacy statement, we will let you know what information we collect when you make use of our website or services, why we collect this information, and how we use it.

Use of the collected information

Storing personal details
When you call us to schedule a viewing, when you subscribe to our newsletter or when you receive personal offers, when selling your house with us, or buying a house with us, we always ask you to provide us with your personal details. This information is stored on the secured servers of Mackaay ICT Hosted platform. We do not collect information for any other purposes than the purposes that are described in this privacy policy, unless we have received your consent from you in advance.

When you send us an e-mail or other messages, it is possible that we store these messages. Sometimes, we ask you for your personal information if it is relevant for the situation in question. This makes it possible to process your questions and to answer your requests. Should we wish to send you e-mail newsletters or other commercial messages in the future, then we will only do so after you have given us permission to do so. You can subscribe to the Eefje Voogd Newsletter yourself by going to our website and clicking on “Contact” and then on “Newsletter”.

Amending/unsubscribing newsletter or other communication
If you would like to amend your personal information or if you wish to be removed from our files, then please contact us. See contact details below. At the bottom of every newsletter you will find the possibility to amend your personal details or to unsubscribe. In the latter case, we will not approach you any further.

Processing of personal details
The protection of personal details is very important to Eefje Voogd Makelaardij. We respect your privacy and make sure that the personal details that you provide Eefje Voogd Makelaardij with, (via the website, by e-mail, or in any other way), are always treated confidentially and in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act and the European Privacy Regulation.

Personal details you provide us with
Personal details are information that can be used to trace your identity with. If you register yourself through our website, a contact form on the website of a third party, by phone or contact us by e-mail, the following personal details can be processed:
 name;
 address;
 e-mail address;
 phone number;
 date of birth and place of birth;
 marital status;
 origin of property;
 ID and number and validity date; and
 subject of your appointment.

This personal information is processed by Eefje Voogd Makelaardij for the following purposes:
 the handling of your contact request so we can get in touch with you and make an appointment;
 sending digital newsletters with a list of properties by e-mail, if you have given explicit permission for this;
 for sharing your details with third parties (you must give explicit permission for this);
 establishing sales or rental agreements;
 giving advice, providing value assessments, and other reports;
 establishing confirmation of commissions; and
 establishing employment contracts.

Transfer to third parties
Your personal details will not be shared with others, unless the transfer of these details is necessary for the above-mentioned purposes. For example, transfer of details to notaries, developers, contractors, fellow estate agents, etc. Because we handle your personal information with the utmost care, we enter into a legally applicable processing agreement with external parties (an agreement between the party that is responsible and the processor, in which is determined how the processor should deal with the personal information).

Furthermore, we will not pass on the information you have provided us with to third parties, unless this is required by law and allowed. For example, when the police, as part of an investigation, requests certain information from us. In such a case, we are obliged to cooperate and to hand over this information. We can also share personal details with a third party when you give us written permission to do so. We do not share any personal details with parties that are located outside the EU.

The people hired by us
It sometimes happens that we hire an external party to carry out certain processing work for us (for example, sending a mailing). In those situations we always come to an agreement with these third parties about the use, security and the confidentiality of the information. It all comes down to the fact that these third parties may never use your personal details for their own purposes.

Our staff will handle the information you provide us with, with the utmost care. Only authorised members of staff are allowed to process this information in such circumstances.


We have taken suitable technical and organisational measures to protect your personal information from unlawful processing. We have taken the following measures:
 our computer system and our mobile phones are protected with a login code;
 our office is secured with a rolling door, steel rolling shutters and window security;
 All documents that contain personal details, unless they need to be stored according to the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (Prevention) Act (Wwft), will be destroyed by means of a paper shredder with safety level P-4, or by a specialised company; and
 Eefje Voogd Makelaardij has an external system manager for, for example, installing the latest virus scanners and hacking security.

Our website has a https security certificate which shows that we send your information to our servers/systems in a safe and encrypted manner and that they cannot fall into the hands of third parties. The proof that our website has a https security certificate can be seen in the address bar at the top of the website.

Our website uses analytical cookies. With these cookies, we can keep track of the statistics of our website. For example, number of visitors, the time on which people visit our website, and the browser(s) that is (are) used.

Terms, rights and obligations

Retention period
Eefje Voogd Makelaardij stores personal information no longer than necessary for the purpose it was provided for, or is required under the law. The Wwft determines that we have to store transactions for a period of at least 7 years.

Rights regarding your information
You have the right of disclosure, rectification, or removal of the personal information we have of you. You can also object to the processing of your personal information (or part of it) by us or by one of our processors. You also have the right to have information provided by you transferred to yourself or directly to a third party if you wish. Naturally, we can ask you to identity yourself before we can respond to the aforementioned requests.

Should you have a complaint about the processing of your personal details, we ask you to contact us. We would be very disappointed if we couldn’t work it out together. You also have the right to file a complaint with the Data Protection Authority, the supervisory authority regarding privacy.

Modifications privacy statement
We retain the right to modify this privacy statement. Changes will only be published on this website.

If you have any questions or remarks regarding this privacy policy, then please get in touch!

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