Silo 360 
Amsterdam, Cruquiuseiland 
From € 1.295.000 v.o.n. 
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On Tuesday, January 31, you can experience live the atmosphere of living on a rooftop with 360-degree views of Amsterdam and the Eastern Docklands. One of the silos is completely finished and furnished. This will give you a good idea of the possibilities of these unique homes. You have to experience this.
Do you want to be there during this unique event? Sign up here. The event will take place on the rooftop above The Harbour Club Amsterdam-Oost.

Now available for sale

Cruquius 1.4 will be a place where living, working and hospitality meet and go well together. A dynamic place on the water, the Entrepothaven. The old wine terminal, where The Harbour Club is located, is transforming into a unique place to live.

Iconic are the three old wine silos made of steel that have been returned to the roof. The wine silos have been transformed into 3 unique silo villas with three floors for living. The three wine silos have names that refer to the past.

Wine silo Torero is silo 1 (Wijnsilostraat 165)
Wine silo Tindella is silo 2 (Wine Silo Street 167)
Wine silo Porte d’Or is silo 3 (Wine Silo Street 169)

The total living area of a wine silo is approximately 152 m². The ground rent of Wijnsilo’s Tindella and Porte d’Or is € 1.295.000,- including the ground rent for 50 years. Wijnsilo Torero will be put up for sale in early 2023, once the renovation is complete.


It is possible to schedule a viewing. For this you can contact us at 020-3050560.


Living in an old wine silo

The wine silos are made of steel and have retained their authentic round shape and white color. Of course, we did restore them beautifully. And they have been expanded. The extensions can be found on the first floor and second floor. In this way, a beautiful entrance and living room were created. Moreover, the new aluminum facade frames provide light and comfort. A striking feature is the large bay window in the living room, with an electrically opening sliding window. Here you can enjoy the view of the Entrepothaven and bring the outdoors inside in a beautiful way. The void between the kitchen and living room is also a nice detail and provides a pleasant connection between the two rooms. By the way, the living kitchen is located directly on the roof terrace. And the same goes for the study located right next to the kitchen.

All around, the silos have a large roof terrace, the panoramic view of the water and the city is amazing and inside you can fully express your love for decorating cool spaces. With pride you will soon welcome your guests and tell them about the history of the wine silos of wine terminal Roders.

Making your own choices

The ground lease is bought off for 50 years and included in the price. The toilet, bathroom and kitchen are equipped with various connections, but will be delivered as shells. So you can still make your own choices and choose the style and atmosphere that suits you.

No parking space is included in the price. However, a parking space has been reserved for you in the Cruquius 1.3 garage, which is the adjacent building on the other side of the street. You can buy this parking space, but it is not obligatory.


It is possible to schedule a viewing. For this you can contact us at 020-3050560.

Cruquius 1.4 is developed by Amvest.



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