The Doors

Project in preparation.
Sale of The Doors will start soon!

Live and work by the water. The Doors makes it happen! An unconventional building in Amsterdam Noord that combines the industrial atmosphere of Buiksloterham with a warm and welcoming area to call home. Enjoy the light and space. Look out over the water of Tolhuiskanaal and enjoy a lateral view of the IJ. The homes on Leen Jongewaardkade have two front doors; seamlessly bringing together home and work life, but also allowing for a clear, physical separation of the two.

The building

The Doors is a compact and beautiful apartment building on Tolhuiskanaal, a side canal connecting to the IJ. This building is part of a new urban planning development, named Cityplot. The area is nestled between A’DAM Tower and the NDSM grounds. The building will span approximately 2,000 sqm and 7 floors with a maximum of 13 apartments.

The apartments

The apartments range in size from ca. 90 sqm to a maximum of ca. 240 sqm. With flexible floorplans and two entrances, these are ideal combined residential/work apartments. In order to ensure maximum quality of living, all the apartments face south, toward the canal. The glass facade, reaching an amazing 2.80 meters tall, will guarantee that you can enjoy the surroundings to the fullest.

The outdoor areas

Equal attention has been paid to the outdoor areas. The first three levels strengthen the connection with the street by means of an open design of the surrounding balconies with safety glass-panels. The upper levels call for more protection – which is why the balconies here consist of more secluded spaces with thicker balcony walls and railings against which the integrated plants can grow, creating vertical gardens.

Use of material

The interior of the homes will mirror the robust materials used in the exterior. Concrete columns and beams and extra-tall ceilings form the industrial ornaments of the apartments. The overall feel is commanding and generous, the glass facade serves to incorporate the outdoors as an extension of the interior space.

The concrete spiral staircase to the upper-level apartments winds up through a space with leafy and lush vertical gardens on the walls. The roof features a large skylight, illuminating the stairs. Small, parallelogram-shaped windows between the stairwell and the adjacent apartments also allow light to flood in to the core of the apartments.


Sales of The Doors will start soon! For more information visit the project website or contact us at +31 (0)20 305 05 60 or

The Doors Amsterdam Noord Eefje Voogd Makelaardij makelaar appartementenThe Doors Amsterdam Noord Eefje Voogd Makelaardij makelaar appartementenThe Doors Amsterdam Noord Eefje Voogd Makelaardij makelaar appartementenThe Doors Amsterdam Noord Eefje Voogd Makelaardij makelaar appartementen


– Sales start soon
– Stunning view of the water of Tolhuiskanaal and laterally over the IJ.
– Every apartment has two front doors: one for the home, one for the home office.
– Floor areas ranging from ca. 60 sqm to ca. 240 sqm.
– Unique, spacious look and feel due to 2.80-meter tall ceilings.

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