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The Nieuwezijds sub-development in the De Krijgsman project in Muiden will see the development of 43 apartments, 10 penthouses, 2 urban villas and 8 urban loft homes. De Nieuwezijds is a unique blend of Amsterdam and Muiden. These robust homes are reminiscent of Amsterdam’s historic harbor buildings and warehouses, but also celebrate the warehouses and industrial buildings in the old town of Muiden.


Architectural firms Hoogeveen and M3H designed the apartment buildings, urban villas and the urban loft homes for De Nieuwezijds.

The atmosphere of these buildings suggests that they, too, once served as factories. Each in its own specific way. With its slanted roofs the apartment building is reminiscent of historic warehouses that were converted into residential buildings, adding on only wooden balconies and structures with stairs. Lending their rugged character a touch of romance and softness. The design of each apartment is focused on making the most of the views, leading to a loft-like look and feel. Especially the homes at the top of the building, where residents can enjoy two levels that can be laid out to include a mezzanine, for instance.

Urban villas
Both unique and robust urban villas are set on a raised urban courtyard and are situated on the waterfront. With private outdoor spaces on the east and west facade of the house. These homes are reminiscent of Amsterdam’s historic warehouses. A home with a view of the water and the park, with the atmosphere of an Amsterdam canal house.

Urban Loft Homes
The design of the robust and wide urban loft homes is inspired by the industrial buildings of Gansevoort in New York and the traditional buildings in historic Muiden. These are truly unique properties in the De Krijgsman project. Spanning 7 meters wide, these homes are exceptionally spacious and because they are built on a platform, they offer a sweeping view of the street and the water. Essentially, this is a bit of New York in Muiden. In addition to the urban loft homes, the platform also features two unique urban villas and two apartment buildings with a wide range of residential properties.

Muidens Kwartier

De Nieuwezijds is situated in Muidens Kwartier, nearby the pavilion and marina and Muiden’s historic town center, with its charming sidewalk-cafes by the sluice. The apartments and the urban loft homes have an urban and industrial, typically Amsterdam vibe. De Nieuwezijds is the linking pin between Muiden’s charming town center and De Krijgsman. On the corner of Muidens Kwartier is a 150sqm pavilion. A remarkable landmark, an eatery and cafe in one that takes a central position in De Krijgsman. A meeting place, and a spot to enjoy a delicious lunch or a piping hot cup of coffee.

De Krijgsman Muiden

The former gunpowder factory site in Muiden is undergoing development into a unique new residential area: De Krijgsman Muiden. The location is simply stunning, on IJmeer lake. The current woodlands and existing waterways will be preserved where possible, ensuring a character-rich living experience. A one-of-a-kind location, just a stone’s throw from Amsterdam!

The neighborhood and its immediate surroundings are perfect for walking, boating and enjoying your spare time in the numerous parks, on IJmeerdijk and the historic waterway. Parks will be built near Westbatterij, close-by IJmeer and also in the center of Vestingstad. Vecht river runs by the new neighborhood and connects Muiden to Utrecht, as it meanders along the picturesque small towns dotted along the river bank. Once you pass the old sea sluice in the Vecht (situated in Muiden’s town center), the Oranjesluizen sluices are nearby, giving you access to Amsterdam by boat.

Read more about the different sub-developments in De Krijgsman in Muiden.


De Krijgsman offers optimum accessibility, with excellent connections to the city, both Amsterdam (ca. 15 car minutes) and Muiden. Relative to Muiden, the A1 highway has been moved south by approximately 300 meters. De Krijgsman is also easy to reach by public transportation, with Muiden bus station within a few minutes’ walking distance.


The information house is open Tuesday through Friday, from 1.30pm to 5.00pm. More information is available on the project page.

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