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If you choose to rent The Twins in the city district of Aan het IJ, you choose flexibility and freedom, but also quality. The architecture is appealing, there is a lot of green and the apartments are luxurious and complete. You can now register online for an apartment and you can already live in The Twins this summer!

High-end architecture
The entrance has an impressive height and is finished to a high standard with messing wall panels. A beautiful entrance. The buildings have a warm, sturdy appearance. The window frames are sleek and slender and the facade bricks form a nice mix of matte bricks with here and there a shiny ‘scattering stone’. The terraces are enclosed in glass so completely transparent. This allows you to optimally enjoy the view outside.

The entrances to the buildings have an impressive height and are finished to a high standard with messing wall panels. A beautiful entry when you come home!

Living in The Twins
The rental apartments in The Twins are spread over the two buildings and on the first floor to the fourth floor. So you have plenty of choice. Especially since the range varies from compact studios of 43 m2 to spacious 4-bedroom apartments of 130 m2. The studios and 4-room apartments are, however, limited. Most apartments are 2- and 3-bedroom houses. Rents range from € 950 to € 2,260 per month excluding service costs.

With apartments on the southeast, southwest, northwest and northeast, the views and location on the sun are very diverse. Do you want to start your day in the morning sun, with the newspaper and your coffee on the terrace? Or do you want to linger in the warm evening sun? Or do you prefer the view of the Schegpark, with EYE Film Institute and the A’DAM tower in the background? By the way, the view of the green neighbourhood square or the green valley in the heart of The Twins is also beautiful!

Oasis of green
The Twins, like the rest of the buildings in the Aan het IJ urban district, stands in a custom-made green jacket. The green zones around the buildings create a pleasant distance from the public space for residents, giving them the feeling that they are living in green.

The inner garden of The Twins is a kind of green valley. It is a gently sloping landscape with a variety of trees and plants. At the deepest point in the ‘valley’ there are water mirrors that catch a lot of light. Because these water mirrors reflect the sky, the surrounding landscape and the buildings, they give an extra spatial feeling. The courtyard garden invites you to have a drink with a friend or one of the neighbors, or to quietly read a book. Unique to the design of The Twins are the ‘green walls’. Beautiful vertical gardens along the various balcony walls. The solution for more green in the city.

Storage and parking
Underneath the building of The Twins is the parking garage. Parking spaces are (limited) for rent for € 150, – per month. Also here are the storerooms. Each apartment in The Twins has an external storage room in the basement. Super convenient for Christmas stuff and photo books for example.

Unique location
The Twins is located in a unique spot in the new urban district of Aan het IJ: on the green Schegpark and the dynamic Docklandsweg with small stores and restaurants. Several apartments have a view of the Schegpark (some even of the EYE Film Museum and the A’DAM Tower) and others look out on the green neighbourhood square or the Van der Pekbuurt. The center of Amsterdam is very close and quickly reached by ferry. Moreover, all the hotspots in Amsterdam North are at your feet.


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